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What’s your plan? What are you trying to achieve or accomplish in committing suicide? Whatever the problem is, please listen to me when i say it gets better.
-Just after you take your life-
Your family comes to your bedroom door to make sure you’re up and ready for school. When you don’t reply like you usually do they barge in, shaking you, and trying to wake you up. They then realize you aren’t breathing. Shaking you harder and harder, while tears stream down their cheeks.
Once they snap back into somewhat reality, they try and call everyone they can without breaking down, which is impossible. They call your school, your friends, the other members of your family, all of your loved ones, etc.
-School time-
Your schools principle walking to each class room to tell all the teachers and students. That boy who always kick the back of your seat. The one who always threw paper wads, and spit balls at you, just to get your attention. He will blame himself. Asking why he did that. Maybe if he didn’t you would still be here.
Your teacher, the one who was harder on you than everyone else just because they knew you had more in you. They believed in you more than the others. They will blame themselves. Wondering what they could have done differently.
What about your best friend? The one that was always there with you through everything. Did you honestly think she wouldn’t care? She will be one of the people who hurt the most. The one who will cry endlessly. The one that will blame herself. Asking if you took all of her jokes seriously when she was obviously joking around.
Everyone who has ever spoken to you will end up re-winding their thoughts and hoping they didn’t do or say anything that made you commit. Everyone will blame themselves.
Your family will go into deep depression. Endless tears falling down their cheeks non-stop. Everything will remind them of you, absolutely everything. They wont even be able to go into your bedroom to pack things up because just the sight of your bedroom door brings them to bawling.
Committing suicide will affect someones life whether you believe it will or not. You think no one cares, right? wrong. So many people care about you. Your family, friends, classmates, teachers, me. Your death will change someones life, for the worse. 
Do you know how you would feel if your best friend committed suicide? yeah, that’s how they are going to feel. 
Do you know how you would feel if one of your family members committed suicide, that depression that would take over you? That’s exactly how they are going to feel. 
People love and care about you even if you can’t see it yourself. There are people who sit on bridges to make sure no one will attempt to jump off. There are people who sit behind computer screens and stay up all night, just to try and help you. People are here for you. 
Whatever you plan on using, destroy it. Throw the pills out the window. Unload the gun. Cut up the rope. You’re better than that. You’re stronger than that. 
Everybody has hard times, it’s just a bump in the road. But you can’t let it destroy who you are. You have to stand up and fight, fight for yourself, for the ones you love. There’s always sunshine after a hurricane. So why give up now? Keep fighting, you will win. 
Everybody has a happy ending. If you’re not happy, go out and change that. If you don’t like how your life is going, its your life, you have the power to change how it goes.

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